19.6. PLVfk: Generic Foreign Key Lookups

The PLVfk (PL/Vision Foreign Key) package offers a high-level, easy-to-use interface to looking up foreign key information in your tables.

In any well-normalized relational database, you have many foreign keys. For example, a customer database has companies, contacts within companies, types of companies, types of contacts, etc. The contact table has a foreign key to the company table. The company table has a foreign key to the company type table, and so on. Normalization is a great thing for avoidance of data redundancy, but it can create anguish for developers.

The reality of foreign keys is most succinctly expressed in the following maxim (first encountered in a scribble in the stall of an Oracle headquarters bathroom!):

Where you have foreign keys, you also have foreign key lookups.

In other words, whenever I query/display a contact record, I need to look up the name of the company, the description of the contact type, and so on in order to translate my keys (usually sequentially generated numbers or cryptic string codes) into information users can understand. Furthermore, whenever a user enters a name or description, I will want to look up the corresponding key to make sure the entry is valid.

Foreign key lookups have historically required an awful lot of custom programming. In fact, let's spend a few paragraphs exploring what you would normally have to do to handle foreign keys. Then I will show you how you can use dynamic SQL to ...

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