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Advanced Penetration Testing for Highly-Secured Environments

Video Description

An intensive hands-on course to perform professional penetration testing

About This Video

  • Learn how to perform an efficient, organized, and effective penetration test from start to finish

  • Explore advanced techniques to bypass firewalls and IDS, and remain hidden

  • Discover advanced exploitation methods on even the most updated systems

  • In Detail

    The need for penetration testers has grown well over what the IT industry ever anticipated. Running just a vulnerability scanner is no longer an effective method to determine if a business is truly secure. Learn the most effective penetration testing skills so as to effectively meet today’s rapidly changing security needs for your company.

    Advanced Penetration Testing for Highly-Secured Environments will teach you how to effectively secure any environment and harden your system and network configurations. You will be able to get into the attacker’s mindset of how they target systems on a network and the overwhelming threats they pose, thereby exploiting their vulnerabilities to create a step-by-step virtual lab to protect your system.

    The goal of the Advanced Penetration Testing for Highly-Secured Environments video course is to first prepare and then challenge your skills and ability to perform a full penetration test against a fictional business company. It is packed with examples that enforce enumeration, exploitation, post-exploitation, writing reports skills, and more.

    To start off you will get to know the differences between penetration testing and vulnerability assessments through a structured process of starting a penetration test and finishing it with a detailed report.

    If you are looking to advance in the IT security field, through advanced exploitation techniques and strategies, then this video course is for you.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1: Introduction to Advanced Penetration Testing
      1. What Is Advanced Penetration Testing? 00:03:36
      2. Installing VirtualBox 00:04:42
      3. Installing BackTrack 5 R3 00:04:25
      4. Installing Metasploitable 00:02:47
      5. Set up BackTrack 5 R3 00:04:13
    2. Chapter 2: Advanced Footprinting
      1. What Is Footprinting? 00:03:05
      2. Using Nslookup and Dig 00:04:14
      3. Using Tracert and Traceroute 00:04:35
      4. Using Paterva Maltego 00:04:47
      5. Google Dorks and Social Engineering 00:05:16
    3. Chapter 3: Enumeration: Getting to Know Your Target
      1. What Is Enumeration? 00:02:33
      2. Using Nmap and Zenmap 00:06:08
      3. Using SNMPenu and SNMPwalk 00:04:52
      4. Banner Grabbing with Netcat 00:03:37
      5. Searching for Exploits 00:03:30
    4. Chapter 4: Exploitation Applications: Getting to Know Your Tools
      1. What Is Exploitation? 00:04:18
      2. Installing the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner 00:04:22
      3. Using the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner-Part 1 00:04:52
      4. Installing and Updating the Metasploit Framework 00:02:58
      5. Using the Metasploit Framework 00:07:32
    5. Chapter 5: Gaining Physical Access
      1. How Do Hackers Break into a Local System? 00:03:27
      2. Breaking into Windows 7-Part 1 00:02:48
      3. Breaking into Windows 7-Part 2 00:03:00
      4. Breaking into Windows 7-Part 3 00:04:31
      5. Breaking into Windows 7-Part 4 00:02:28
    6. Chapter 6: Exploiting a Client-side Target
      1. How Do Hackers Break into a Remote System? 00:05:28
      2. Using the Social Engineering Toolkit 00:04:01
      3. Using the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner-Part 2 00:05:15
      4. Exploiting Windows 7 00:05:04
      5. Exploiting Metasploitable 00:05:42
    7. Chapter 7: Bypassing Web Filters, Firewalls, and IDS
      1. Evading Web Filters, Firewalls, and IDSes 00:05:38
      2. Bypassing Web Filters-Part 1 00:05:22
      3. Bypassing Web Filters-Part 2 00:03:40
      4. Stealth Scanning-Part 1 00:02:32
      5. Stealth Scanning-Part 2 00:04:50
    8. Chapter 8: Writing a Penetration Testing Report
      1. Why Is It So Important to Write a Report? 00:04:29
      2. What Should Be In the Report? 00:03:55
      3. Writing a Report 00:04:43
      4. Turning In the Report 00:03:14
      5. Final Statement by the Author 00:04:27