Appendix E. 1,000 Good Books

Light Reading

Andersen, Hans Christian

  Pictures of Travel in Sweden

Bronte, Charlotte

  Jane Eyre

Bronte, Emily

  Wuthering Heights

Collins, Wilkie

  After Dark




  The Black Robe

  Blind Love

  "Blow Up with the Brig"

  The Dead Alive

  The Dead Secret

  The Evil Genius

  The Fallen Leaves

  The Fatal Cradle

  Fatal Fortune

  The Frozen Deep

  The Haunted Hotel

  Heart and Science

  Hide and Seek

  "I say no"

  Jezebel' s Daughter

  The Law and the Lady

  The Legacy of Cain

  Man and Wife

  Miss or Mrs.?

  Miss Bertha and the Yankee

  Miss Dulane and My Lord

  Miss Jeromette and the Clergyman

  Miss Mina and the Groom

  Miss Morris and the Stranger

  The Moonstone

  Mr. Captain and the Nymph

  Mr. Cosway and the Landlady

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