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Advanced Server-Side Programming with Node.js

Video Description

Build advanced, secure applications and APIs with Node.js and take your full-stack to the next level with third-party modules

About This Video

  • Learn Node.js in-depth, including how it works under the hood, security with Node.js, and templating with EJS
  • Use third-party modules to add security, authentication, and more to your application
  • Build a secure web blog with Node.js

In Detail

Node.js is a powerful, performance-efficient language. Its non-IO blocking technology makes it perfect for creating highly scalable web applications built around user interaction.

In this course, you will learn to create highly secure and scalable applications using various languages and frameworks such as EJS, PassportJS, OAuth (for user authentication with Facebook, Twitter and more), the Helmet module, and encryption with BCrypt. You will also learn about the MVC architecture to make sure your codebase is maintainable and scalable, making you a better developer overall.

This course is for you if you have a basic understanding of Node.js and want to take your web applications to the next level in security and scalability by learning in-demand skills.