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Advanced Techniques for Data Analysis with Scala

Video Description

Plot your data in Scala and Deeplearning4j

About This Video

  • A comprehensive but fast and friendly guide to performing data analysis in Scala

  • Covers Deeplearnin4j and plotting with Bokeh

  • Shows how to perform deep-learning and plotting data in Scala

  • In Detail

    Scala has emerged as an important tool for performing various data analysis tasks efficiently. This video will help you leverage popular Scala libraries and tools and perform core data analysis tasks with ease.

    This course will introduce you to Deeplearning4j; you will start with tasks such as integrating with Spark and Linear Regression with Deep Learning. Then you will make use of popular Scala libraries such as Breeze to plot your data. There is also a special focus on using Bokeh to plot your data. By the end of this video, you will have mastered Deep Learning and plotting efficiently in Scala.