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There are already suitable introductory lessons for testing Python with Pytest. But there are essential concepts for functional and integration testing that require detailed explanations. In this course, you'll have a better grasp on solving a complex test matrix with ease, including highly functional tests with databases, web services, and containers. We will go from basic test runs that, although sufficient, isn't helping us in the case of failure, all the way to adding advanced techniques expanding on the framework. All of these changes live, debugging as we make progress.
Learn everything you need to know to be proficient with advanced testing in Python techniques, from unit tests to integration testing and functional testing with complex test matrixes.
Topics include:
* Introduction to Pytest fixtures.
* Create powerful plugins with
* Monkeypatching, patching, and mocking with Pytest
* Apply patches and mocks globally, automatically, or on-demand per test
* Complex functional testing with remote Docker containers
* Integrate Pytest with Docker containers, assert and run assertions remotely
* Build Command-line tools with Click, run tests agains them
* Create docker command-line tools and easily test them
* Use Github Codespaces to develop continuous integration (CI/CD)
* Github Actions to test multiple Python versions and cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google's Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure
(Simplified) Chinese Translation: 已经有适合使用Pytest测试Python的入门课程。但是对于功能和集成测试,有一些基本概念需要详细说明。在本课程中,您将更轻松地解决复杂的测试矩阵,包括使用数据库,Web服务和容器进行的功能强大的测试。我们将从基本的测试运行开始,尽管这些运行足够,但是在失败的情况下并不能帮助我们,一直到添加在框架上扩展的高级技术。所有这些更改都是实时的,并且随着我们的进步而不断调试。
* Pytest固定装置简介。
*使用Github Codespaces开发持续集成(CI / CD)
* Github Actions可测试多个Python版本和云环境,包括Amazon Web Services(AWS)和

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  • Title: Advanced Testing with Pytest Video Course
  • Author(s): Alfredo Deza, Noah Gift
  • Release date: February 2021
  • Publisher(s): Pragmatic AI Solutions