Advanced Tools and Techniques Beyond Base R

Video Description

Explore functional and meta-programming and see it will simplify and fasten your data analysis code.

About This Video

  • Working with Tidy data
  • Drawing statistical graphics with ggplot2
  • Understanding functional programming and metaprogramming in R

In Detail

Advanced Tools and Techniques Beyond Base R introduces a number of recently developed R packages and paradigms, in particular the concept of tidy data and the Tidyverse collection of packages, which are rapidly becoming indispensable to R data analysts. You will learn how to efficiently process and analyze data in ways not possible with base R and produce high-quality statistical graphics. The course will finish with a taste of how functional programming and meta-programming with R can simplify and speed up your data analysis code.

Product Information

  • Title: Advanced Tools and Techniques Beyond Base R
  • Author(s): Dr. David Wilkins
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788477871