7.3 The rayleigh wave speed

The effect of the Rayleigh wave speed over the σxz shear stress component has been briefly discussed in Section 3.3. Its true effect can be best seen by considering the σxz solution for the injected, uniformly moving dislocation found in Table 2.3.

Figure 2.32 shows the σxz stress component along the slip plane (z = 0) when the dislocation is moving with a speed 20 m/s below the Rayleigh wave speed.11 The instant in time represented is t = 0.1 ns after the injection at position x = 0, so the core has advanced to be at almost x = 0.3 μm. The discontinuity at the core is followed by the discontinuity caused by the front of the transverse wave, which delimits a narrow area of interest. Figure 2.33 shows the same dislocation, ...

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