Chapter 11

Lithium-air batteries for medium- and large-scale energy storage

A. Rinaldi1; Y. Wang1; K.S. Tan1,2; O. Wijaya1,2; R. Yazami1,2    1 TUM CREATE, Singapore2 Energy Research Institute at Nanyang (ERIAN), Singapore


A novel concept for a lithium-air cell is described in this chapter. A working cell consists of liquid electrodes separated by a solid Li-ion-conducting LTAP (Li, Ti, Al, PO4) electrolyte. Poly-aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-based lithium solvated electron solution (LiSES) served as the liquid anode. The LiSES’s conductivity depends on the amounts of dissolved metallic Li and the tetrahydrofuran organic solvent for the PAH. Temperature dependence study of the LiSES’s conductivity indicates a metallic behavior. Successful ...

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