Development of a Bending Test Apparatus for Quasi-dynamical Evaluation of a Clayey Soil Using X-ray CT Image Analysis

Visualization using industrial x-ray CT scanner

T. Nakano1 — T. Mukunoki1 — J. Otani1 — J. P. Gourc2

1Graduate School of Science and technology, Kumamoto University2-39-1, Kurokami, Kumamoto CityKumamoto


2Lirigm, Université de Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, FranceGrenoble Cedex9,

ABSTRACT. Local deformation of clay cover on the landfill for radioactive waste could cause serious damage to the environment. In order to evaluate the performance of clay barrier of the clay cover to local deformation, it is useful to conduct a bending test of the clay material. This bending test would facilitate understanding about the performance of clay barriers used to cover radioactive wastes. In this paper, a new testing method for obtaining the engineering properties of the cover soils was developed and the effectiveness of this method was evaluated. It was found that the local deformation of cover soil would cause catastrophic failure and that areas of low density would not as long as the clayey soil was compacted sufficiently.


KEYWORDS: compacted clay liner, landfill, industrial x-ray CT scanner, bending test

1. Introduction

A compacted clay liner (CCL) is an impermeable barrier material that is placed at the bottom and top (cover) of landfill. As for use ...

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