Subject Index


Abstraction, 14
Accelerated processing unit (APU), 99
Active replication, 131
Administration/management node, 104
Aurora management workbench (AMW), 171
Availability, 127


Cache memories, 89
Call graphs, 18
CDG. See Control dependence graph (CDG)
Central processing unit (CPU), 89
CFG. See Control-flow graph (CFG)
Check pointing, 130
CIM. See Computation independent models (CIM)
Code debugging software tool, 106
Code verification, 87
Cold-passive replication, 131
Commodity parallel systems, 92
Compensation, 130
Complex instruction set computer (CISC), 90
Computational science, 86
Computation independent models (CIM), 123
Computation tree logic (CTL), 134
Compute clusters, 92
Compute nodes, 103
Contentiousness, 63–64
sensitivity ...

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