Page numbers followed by “f” indicate figures, and “t” indicate tables.


abstract actions, 9, 35, 47–49
AC (associative classification), 94
accuracy evaluation, cultural modeling, 95–98
ACP framework, 2–5
CeSMOs, 76–77
social computing, 64–70, 76–77
action data collection, 10
action effects:
causal knowledge extraction, 12, 14t
definition, 9
plan representations, 35, 47
action elimination, 11
action execution probability, 37
action extraction:
experimental results, 18t
from the Web, 10–11
action hierarchy construction, 13–15
action knowledge:
agent modeling, 9
causal scenario construction, 15–16
action observations, explanation graphs, 49–51
action preconditions:
causal knowledge extraction, 12, 13t

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