ONE WAY YOU can make a Minecraft game more interesting is to make it change what it does based on what is going on around your player. As you move around the game world, the choices that you are faced with depend on what you've already done, which makes the game slightly different every time you play it. The Minecraft API allows you to interact with blocks by finding out what block type you are standing on and detecting when you hit a block with your sword.

In this adventure, you first learn the basics of interacting with blocks by writing a magic bridge program. This bridge is special, because as you walk on water or walk into the sky, a bridge magically appears in front of you to keep you safe. Soon your Minecraft world will fill up with bridges. Version 2 of your magic bridge builder uses a Python list to remember where you built the bridge and makes it do a disappearing act right before your eyes when you land on safe ground again!

Finally, you learn how to sense that a block has been hit and then build an exciting treasure hunt game using your magic bridge to find and collect treasure that appears randomly in the sky, complete with a homing beacon and a score.

In this adventure you work just like a real software engineer, building up a large program one function at a time, and finally stitching it all together at the end to make an exciting larger program. Fasten your seatbelt ...

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