Advising Student Groups and Organizations, 2nd Edition

Book description

The only manual for faculty and staff who work directly with student organizations

Advising Student Groups and Organizations is a one-of-a-kind book that equips faculty members and administrators to competently and confidently serve as advisers to clubs and other student groups. The second edition is here to help colleges and universities keep up with the skyrocketing number of student groups and shifts in the legal landscape. New chapters on crucial topics, updated case studies, and a full suite of practical resources simplify the process of navigating student organizations.

With Advising Student Groups and Organizations, educators can turn the chore of advising into a rewarding activity that benefits everyone. Challenges like student apathy, university politics, and budgetary restrictions can be overcome with the ideas and activities presented here. And in this fully updated edition, new chapters contain everything you need to know about:

  • Advising fraternities and sororities

  • Navigating laws such as FERPA, Title IX, and the Clery Act

  • Working with online distance students and using social media as an advising tool

  • Conflict mediation and training student advisors

  • You'll want to keep this guide handy so you can take advantage of tools like reflection questions, activities, checklists, and sample forms. Advising Student Groups and Organizations even covers the use of assessments such as True Colors and StrengthsFinder. Now you'll be able to cut through bureaucracy to make the student advising experience truly transformative.

    Table of contents

    1. The Authors
    2. Preface
    3. Acknowledgments
      1. Chapter 1: Challenges and Rewards of Advising
        1. Astin’s Theory of Involvement
        2. Challenges
        3. Rewards
      2. Chapter 2: Overview of Student Groups and Organizations
        1. The Role of the Student Activities Office
        2. Characteristics of Typical Student Organizations
      3. Chapter 3: Greek Letter Organizations
        1. Taxonomy
        2. Types of Greek Letter Organizations
        3. History
        4. Structure of General (Social) Greek Letter Organizations
        5. Providing Advising to Fraternities and Sororities
        6. Case Vignettes
      4. Chapter 4: Understanding Individual and Group Development
        1. Leadership Development
        2. Student Learning
        3. Group Dynamics
        4. Case Vignettes
      5. Chapter 5: Roles and Functions of Advisers
        1. Adviser Roles
        2. Assisting in the Organization’s Success
        3. Case Vignettes
      6. Chapter 6: Providing Academic and Career Assistance
        1. Career Development
      7. Chapter 7: Representing Group and Institutional Interests
        1. Community Participation
        2. Policies and Procedures
        3. Case Vignettes
      8. Chapter 8: Financial Management and Budgeting
        1. Budgets
        2. Revenues and Expenses
        3. Operating Statements and Balance Sheets
        4. Fiscal Controls
        5. Fundraising
        6. Case Vignettes
      9. Chapter 9: Legal Issues and Risk Management
        1. Distinctions between Public and Private Institutions
        2. Case Vignettes
      10. Chapter 10: Dealing with Issues and Conflicts
        1. Organizational Structure
        2. Politics
        3. Funding Issues
        4. Assumption of Power
        5. Tradition and Culture
        6. Communication
        7. Strengths and Personalities
        8. Organization Membership
        9. Differing Purposes
      11. Chapter 11: Ensuring Quality in Advising
        1. Assessment Defined
        2. Framing Questions
        3. Assessment Techniques
        4. Evaluating the Adviser
        5. Assessing the Organization
        6. Conclusion
      12. Chapter 12: Training
        1. Student Organization Adviser Training
        2. Advisers Training Students
      13. Chapter 13: Developing and Increasing Personal Effectiveness
        1. Recommendations for Professional Practice
        2. Keeping the Work Rewarding
        3. Recommendations for Continuing Professional Education
    4. References
    5. Advertisement
    6. Index
    7. End User License Agreement

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    • Title: Advising Student Groups and Organizations, 2nd Edition
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: September 2014
    • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
    • ISBN: 9781118784648