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After Action Review: Continuous Improvement Made Easy

Book Description

Master the After Action Review (AAR) to improve the outcome of any personal or professional activity.

From the beginning of time, humans have survived and thrived by learning from their experiences – both good and bad – and then tweaked their actions for better results next time. This continual quest for improvement stems from the difference between "what was" and "what could be."

Even if we're not consciously aware of it, we're constantly seeking improvement in this very same way. If we turn to this analysis in a more intentional and methodical way, with an eye towards continuous improvement (CI), then next time around the outcomes can be more rewarding and desirable.

After Action Review (AAR) is a continuous improvement approach for reflecting on the work of a group or team. Learn how to apply both informal and formal AAR approaches. Along with a complete walkthrough, the book includes resources and materials you can use in your work right now. For example, the Group Insights template will help you distinguish "likes" from "wishes," and the Planning Template will show you how to optimize the time spent during the AAR.

Chapter 1 covers basic facilitation skills needed to conduct an AAR including active listening, questioning, information gathering and analysis, public speaking, presenting, intervening, and managing group dynamics. Chapter 2 explains the AAR in detail including its value proposition and frameworks. Chapter 3 explores the informal AAR and Chapter 4 the formal AAR.