Chapter 24. Bringing Agility into Your Organization

United we stand, divided we fall. It's impossible to work together effectively when we're still fighting turf battles.

This book has presented a wide range of philosophies, proven techniques, and one or two considered theories about effective ways to go about the data-oriented aspects of software development. What it hasn't done is discussed what you need to do to succeed at them. Until now. In this chapter, I describe how your organization can adopt the agile database techniques described in this book. My expectation is that it will be difficult for many organizations to adopt agile database techniques. It's not because there is anything inherently complex about them; the problem is due, for the most part, to cultural inertia within your organization. To successfully adopt these philosophies and techniques you must:

  • Change the way you look at software development

  • Understand the challenges you face

  • Actually try it

  • Block nonagile coworkers

  • Be realistic

Change the Way You Look at Software Development

The philosophies and techniques described in this book have several significant implications for your organization. My experience is that you must accept the following things:

Everyone needs to work closely together.

Software development is a communication game, and as Cockburn (2002) argues documentation is the worst form of communication available to you whereas face-to-face communication standing around a whiteboard is the best. Simple things ...

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