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Agile Java™: Crafting Code with Test-Driven Development

Book Description

Master Java 5.0 and TDD Together: Build More Robust, Professional Software

Master Java 5.0, object-oriented design, and Test-Driven Development (TDD) by learning them together. Agile Java weaves all three into a single coherent approach to building professional, robust software systems. Jeff Langr shows exactly how Java and TDD integrate throughout the entire development lifecycle, helping you leverage today's fastest, most efficient development techniques from the very outset.

Langr writes for every programmer, even those with little or no experience with Java, object-oriented development, or agile methods. He shows how to translate oral requirements into practical tests, and then how to use those tests to create reliable, high-performance Java code that solves real problems. Agile Java doesn't just teach the core features of the Java language: it presents coded test examples for each of them. This TDD-centered approach doesn't just lead to better code: it provides powerful feedback that will help you learn Java far more rapidly. The use of TDD as a learning mechanism is a landmark departure from conventional teaching techniques.

  • Presents an expert overview of TDD and agile programming techniques from the Java developer's perspective

  • Brings together practical best practices for Java, TDD, and OO design

  • Walks through setting up Java 5.0 and writing your first program

  • Covers all the basics, including strings, packages, and more

  • Simplifies object-oriented concepts, including classes, interfaces, polymorphism, and inheritance

  • Contains detailed chapters on exceptions and logging, math, I/O, reflection, multithreading, and Swing

  • Offers seamlessly-integrated explanations of Java 5.0's key innovations, from generics to annotations

  • Shows how TDD impacts system design, and vice versa

  • Complements any agile or traditional methodology, including Extreme Programming (XP)

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