Additional Lesson II: Swing, Part 2

In the last lesson you learned how to build a basic Swing application, using panels, labels, buttons, text fields, and lists. You also learned how to use Swing's layout managers for enhancing the look of your user interface (UI).

In this chapter, you will learn about:

• Scroll panes

• Borders

• Setting text in the title bar

• Icons

• Keyboard support" role="lower-capitalized

• Button mnemonics

• Required fields

• Keyboard listeners

• The Swing Robot class

• Field edits and document filters

• Formatted text fields

• Tables

• Mouse listeners

• Cursors

• SwingUtilities methods invokeAndWait and invokeLater

Miscellaneous Aesthetics

In this section you'll learn how to enhance the look of the existing Courses-Panel. ...

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