Chapter 8

Planning Releases and Sprints


check Decomposing requirements and creating user stories

check Creating a product backlog, release plan, and sprint backlog

check Planning sprints

After you create a product roadmap for your agile project (see Chapter 7), it’s time to start elaborating on your product details. In this chapter, you discover how to break down your requirements to a more granular level, refine your product backlog, create a release plan, and build a sprint backlog for execution. First, you see how to break down the larger requirements from your product roadmap into smaller, more manageable requirements called user stories.

remember The concept of breaking down requirements into smaller pieces is called decomposition.

Refining Requirements and Estimates

You start agile projects with very large requirements. As the project progresses and you get closer to developing those requirements, you will break them down into smaller parts — small enough to begin developing.

One clear, effective format for defining product requirements is the user story. The user story and its larger ...

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