Chapter 11

Preparing for Release


check Getting your product ready to ship

check Organizing for operational support

check Preparing the rest of the organization for the release

check Making sure the marketplace is ready for your release

Releasing new product features to customers has a special set of challenges. The development team has specific tasks for a product release that differ from the tasks involved with creating functionality during normal sprints. The organization sponsoring the product may need to prepare to support the product. You want customers to be able to correctly use the released product.

This chapter covers how to manage the final sprint, if needed — the release sprint — before product release. You also discover how to prepare your organization and the marketplace for the product release.

Preparing the Product for Deployment: The Release Sprint

The work that takes place during regular development sprints should be whole and complete, including testing and technical documentation, before you demonstrate your product. The product of a development sprint is working functionality. ...

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