Chapter 14

Managing Team Dynamics and Communication


check Recognizing what makes agile team dynamics different

check Finding out how to work with agile teams

check Understanding how communication differs on agile projects

check Seeing how communication works on agile projects

Team dynamics and communication are significant parts of project management. In this chapter, you find out about traditional and agile approaches to project teams and communication. You see how a high value on individuals and interactions makes agile project teams great teams to work on. You also find out how face-to-face communication helps make agile projects successful.

What’s Different about Agile Team Dynamics?

What makes a project team on an agile project unique? The core reason agile teams are different from traditional teams is their team dynamics. The Agile Manifesto (refer to Chapter 2) sets the framework for how agile project team members work together: The very first item of value in the manifesto is individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

The following agile principles, also from Chapter ...

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