Chapter 17

Scaling across Agile Teams


check Identifying when and why to scale across multi-team projects

check Understanding the basics of scaling

check Exploring scaling challenges

Depending on the schedule, scope, and required skills, many small and medium-sized projects can be accomplished with a single scrum team. Larger projects, however, may require more than one scrum team to achieve the product vision and release goals in a reasonable go-to-market time frame. When more than one scrum team is required, the teams need effective inter-team collaboration, communication, and synchronization — they need to be agile at scale. Regardless of project size, if interdependencies exist between multiple teams working together on the same project, or even across a collection of projects, you may need to scale.

tip Scale only if you have to. Even though you may have the talent and resources available to deploy multiple teams on your project, multiple teams don’t automatically ensure higher quality and faster time to market. Always look for ways to implement the tenth agile principle, “Simplicity ...

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