Chapter 21

Ten Metrics for Agile Organizations


check Using success metrics

check Calculating time and cost metrics

check Understanding satisfaction metrics

On an agile project, metrics can be powerful tools for planning, inspecting, adapting, and understanding progress over time. Rates of success or failure can let a scrum team know whether it needs to make positive changes or keep up its good work. Time and cost numbers can highlight the benefits of agile projects and provide support for an organization’s financial activities. Metrics that quantify people’s satisfaction can help a scrum team identify areas for improvement with customers and with the team itself.

This chapter describes ten key metrics to help guide agile project teams.

Return on Investment

Return on investment (ROI) is income generated by the product less project costs: money in versus money out. ROI is fundamentally different in agile projects than it is in traditional projects. Agile projects have the potential to generate income with the first release and can increase revenue with each new release.

To fully appreciate the difference between ROI on traditional and agile projects, compare the examples in Tables ...

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