Agile Test Driven Design (TDDe)

Video Description

This module focuses on Test Driven Design (TDDe), a software development technique used within the agile environment. This module will explore the tools, languages, frameworks, and techniques used to achieve a design through tests. Topics covered include:

  • Why Test Driven Design - TDDe (aka Test Driven Development)
  • Why a new approach?
  • Selection of tools including factors to weigh such as empirical, evolutionary, skills oriented, endorsed, or budget)
  • Analysis - the Agile approach
  • Traceability Matrix - from business rules to functional tests
  • When is analysis complete? (Definition of Done)
  • Story boarding and user stories, including using story points for estimation
  • Unit testing (includes deriving scenarios from business rules, writing scenario tests, sharing the test results with the team to develop an outline for user acceptance tests)
  • Agile artifacts in communication
  • Design Contracts

Table of Contents

  1. Agile Test Driven Design (TDDe) 1:00:05

Product Information

  • Title: Agile Test Driven Design (TDDe)
  • Author(s): J.V. Ravichandran
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Technics Publications
  • ISBN: 9781634622783