7 Marketing and Innovation Data Sources and Cleanup of Data

A superintelligent AI may bypass consciousness altogether. In humans, consciousness is correlated with novel learning tasks that require concentration, and when a thought is under the spotlight of our attention, it is processed in a slow, sequential manner. Only a very small percentage of our mental processing is conscious at any given time. A superintelligence would surpass expert-level knowledge in every domain, with rapid-fire computations ranging over vast databases that could encompass the entire internet. It may not need the very mental faculties that are associated with conscious experience in humans. Consciousness could be outmoded.

– Susan Schneider, “The Problem of AI Consciousness,” Kurzweil, blog post, March 18, 2016

We start with a WARNING: Only data that consumers have explicitly given permission to use or mine must be collected and utilized. It is vital that the supply chain of data have the same scrutiny, and integrity that manufacturing supply chains have. All aggregated data must have explicit consumer consent, and must be collected in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Data providers must submit themselves to quality and integrity inspections the same way providers in a supply chain subject themselves to sudden inspections. Data quality and sanitation reports must be available for inspection. Consumer data provided to academic researchers for scholarly inquiry must not be utilized for ...

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