Chapter 9. Road Mapping Your Options

I have an existential map. It has "You are here" written all over it.

Stephen Wright

Few people start out on a journey without figuring out the best way to get to their destination. You don't start a long road trip by jumping in the car and driving off minutes after you think a vacation might be a good idea. Generally, there is some planning involved. You will usually decide on a destination and have a discussion with your travel companions. Then you will probably pull out a few maps to determine where you might stop on your journey, and outline the best way to get you to your destination. If your traveling companions will include children, you might have to prepare yourself for a few questions like "Are we there yet?" coming from the back seat along the way. And, at some point, you are likely to trace your journey on a map with a marker, print off a final map from an on—line mapping system, or program your journey into a GPS. The map is a key part of a successful journey to your final destination.

So far, our work with the A.I.M. method has helped you to identify possible destinations that are a natural extension of your past and a good fit with your present. We have looked at what things you value and ensured your future options are compatible with them. In the preceding chapters, we have done considerable work to narrow down the possible options for your future and ensure they are compatible with bothyour abilities and values. The next step ...

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