Chapter 11. Fast Connect for AIX troubleshooting 181
elect transport domain This forces an election on the selected domain.
tickle This forces a remote master to stop.
11.5 Troubleshooting utilities on AIX
This section describes AIX tools for troubleshooting SMB protocol. SMB is
not a native protocol on AIX, so special utilities are not available, but you can
still get valuable information from standard TCP/IP tools.
11.5.1 TCP/IP configuration checking
You can check the TCP/IP configuration on SMB server with the following
standard utilities:
11.5.2 Fast Connect for AIX server troubleshooting
The following sections describe commands that may help you determine what
the trouble is with your server.
Remoting NetServerEnum to \\AUSRES15 on transport \device\netbt_ibmtok51 with flags ffffffff
13 entries returned. 13 total. 10 milliseconds
\\AUSRES10 NT 04.00 (W,S,NT,SS,PBR)
\\AUSRES11 NT 04.00 (W,S,NT,SS,PBR)
\\ISHIIY W95 04.00 (W,S,WFW,PBR,W95)
\\ITSONICE NT 04.02 (W,S,PQ,XN,NT,SS) ITSO-Austin Samba Server
\\LV3030C NT 01.00 (W,S,PQ,XN,NT,SS) Fast Connect Server
\\LV3030D NT 04.02 (W,S,PQ,XN,NT,SS,PBR) Samba2 Server
\\VIPER NT 04.00 (W,S,NT,SS,PBR) ITSO Austin CD-ROM Burner system
182 Fast Connect for AIX Version 3.1 Guide The Fast Connect for AIX server net command
The command line administration program is the
net command. This
command has a syntax similar to the one you have with Windows systems.
The most important options for troubleshooting are:
help [ command ]
This shows the list of main options or a description of an individual option
of the
net command.
This shows the server state (see Figure 100 on page 172) and the server
NetBIOS and TCP/IP name:
statistics [/reset]
This shows statistics of the servers sessions, connections, and errors
since the last server start or the last reset of the statistics (option /reset).
You should be careful about resetting statistics because you could get
less information from net statistics. You can solve this by doing /reset
when there is no client connected to the server. You can see additional
information about statistics analyzed in Appendix, net statistics
command on page 183.
Show and change user settings. User manipulation is only necessary
when you use Fast Connect for AIX authentication. Important options are:
net user [password|-p] [/add] [/active:[0|1]] /changeaixpwd:[yes|no]
Add a user with the specified password and/or (de)activate one. You
cannot add a user that is not also an AIX user. If you select -p, you are
prompted for the password, and the password is not displayed on the
screen. Like all the other changes operated with the
net command, only
root can change the password of the user. If you want to change both the
AIX and Fast Connect for AIX password at the same time, you can use the
/changeaixpwd:yes option.
This shows the status of NBNS (running or not running).
This lists NetBIOS names from the NetBIOS name table.
$ net status
Server lv3030c has been paused on
Chapter 11. Fast Connect for AIX troubleshooting 183 net statistics command
You can quickly check for SMB protocol problems with the
net statistics
command. Output from this command looks like this:
You can see the server name, server startup time, and statistics startup time
in the header. Then, you can see the following values:
Sessions started This counts the number of sessions initiated from the
Sessions timed out This counts the number of sessions that were
disconnected because of inactivity time (related to the
autodisconnect parameter).
Sessions dropped This counts the number of sessions that ended - with
or without error.
Password Errors This counts the number of errors because of illegal
passwords. It is not necessarily a serious matter if this
number is not zero. Maybe a guest account was used
or somebody simply mistyped a password. The first
step is for the client to send the users name and
password, which can be rejected (thus the error), and
then request guest account, which is accepted.
Permission Errors This counts the number of file permission errors.
Print jobs queued This counts the number of jobs submitted to printer
You can continuously watch net statistics output if you enter:
clear; while (true); do tput home; net statistics; sleep 2; done
Server lv3030c running on since
Fri Feb 5 11:50:21 1999
Server statistics since Fri Feb 5 11:50:21 1999
Sessions started 8
Sessions timed out 6
Sessions dropped 7
Password Errors 7
Permission Errors 4
Bytes sent low 10649
Bytes sent high 0
Bytes received low 8042
Bytes received high 0
Request buffer failures 0
Big buffer failures 0
Print jobs queued 0

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