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AJAX API Exercises and a JavaScript Trivia Web Application

Video Description

Create a trivia application using JavaScript and AJAX, retrieving data from various web API endpoints.

About This Video

  • How to build a mini trivia game using JavaScript.
  • How to use a web API to make an AJAX request for data retrieval and updating the page elements.

In Detail

Have you ever faced challenges in understanding and creating a web application? Where to start? Do you wish to overcome these problems and go beyond the basic techniques like bag-of-words?

Well, now you can. This course is designed with fun exercises to help you practice and understand concepts using AJAX, JSON, and JavaScript. Further, we'll explore exciting ways to use APIs. We’ll use AJAX that allows web developers to make HTTP requests in the background and help improve the web user’s experience by providing a seamless way to load new data and update the page elements.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create and build useful applications using JavaScript and AJAX.