Chapter 1

Getting to Know Alexa


Bullet Learning about Alexa

Bullet Seeing how Alexa works

Bullet Taking a look at Amazon’s Echo devices

Bullet Figuring out which Alexa device is best for you

Bullet Reviewing what you can do with Alexa

It never hurts to “begin at the beginning,” as the King said gravely in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. (Whether, as the King also suggested, you “go on till you come to the end: then stop” is up to you.) In this chapter, the “beginning” consists of some useful, perhaps even interesting, background about Alexa, including an answer to what might be the most important question of all: Just what is Alexa, anyway? (Or should that be just who is Alexa?)

To get your Alexa education off to a solid start, this chapter takes you on an exploratory tour of the Alexa landscape. This is big-picture stuff where you learn not only what Alexa is, but also how you get Alexa and which Alexa-friendly device you need. After taking you through these what, where, and how fundamentals, you ...

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