Chapter 4

Playing Media


Bullet Controlling music playback

Bullet Listening to radio stations and podcasts

Bullet Playing audiobooks and Kindle books

Bullet Streaming mobile-device audio through your Alexa device

Bullet Watching video on a screen-based Alexa device

Most Alexa-enabled devices are smart speakers. The “speaker” part of that moniker means the main job of those devices is to output sound. Sure, much of the time that “sound” is Alexa answering a question (as I talk about in Chapter 7), but more often than not, what Alexa users really want coming out of their speakers is media. What do I mean by “media”? Mostly music, but also podcasts, audiobooks, and even Kindle books, if you’re into that. Where does the “smart” part of the smart speaker come into play (so to speak)? It means you can request a song, artist, album, playlist, or genre with just a voice command. And that’s only the music side of things. Your favorite podcasts and other audio are also just a voice request away. And if you have ...

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