Chapter 12

Ten (Times Ten) Ridiculously Fun Alexa Tricks


Bullet Getting Alexa to tell jokes and engage in wordplay

Bullet Asking Alexa to sing songs and recite poems

Bullet Cajoling Alexa into telling you a story

Bullet Getting personal with Alexa

Bullet Uncovering some Alexa Easter eggs

Your Alexa interactions will mostly have a serious bent as you command your new smart speaker to tell you the weather, play some music, set a timer, or turn on some lights. However, there’s nothing in Alexa’s fine print that says all your conversations have to be sober and practical. Perhaps surprisingly, Alexa actually has an extensive fun side that you can check out to lighten the mood, entertain your kids (not to mention the kid in you), or relax after a tough day.

In this chapter, you explore Alexa’s whimsical side as you learn how to get Alexa to tell a joke, pose a riddle, sing a song, and tell a story. You’ll also delve into the scarily extensive world of Alexa Easter eggs, where you see that Alexa’s pop-culture ...

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