Chapter 14

Ten Ways to Beef Up Alexa Security and Privacy


Bullet Battening down your Wi-Fi hatches

Bullet Tweaking Alexa for extra security and privacy

Bullet Locking up your Amazon account

Bullet Removing personal data from Amazon

Alexa devices are part of the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to the collection of gadgets and appliances that have Internet connections. Unfortunately, IoT devices have a well-deserved notoriety for being unsecure. Online miscreants are having a field day compromising so-called “smart” refrigerators, TVs, and even baby monitors. Does that mean your Alexa device is vulnerable? It’s probably not, but I’m hedging my security bets here because any system is only as secure as its most vulnerable component. So, even if Alexa itself is fine, you can still run into trouble if your network or your Amazon account are not as secure as they could be. Don’t worry, though: In this chapter, I show you how to plug such security holes.

Okay, what about privacy? After all, you’ve invited a dedicated listening device into your home, a device that, moreover, sends recordings ...

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