One-thousand-one algebra problems: That's a lot of algebra problems.

It will take you seven days to do all of them, if you do 143 each day. Whew! It will take you 91 days to do all of them, if you manage to do 11 each day. And, of course, it will take you 1,001 days to do all the problems if you do just one each day. Whatever your game plan, this is still a lot of problems. You may want to start at the beginning and do each problem in turn, or you may want to jump around and do the problems in an order that suits you best. Either plan is doable. Either plan is fine. Just watch out for topics that build on one another — you may need the information from one skill to succeed in another.

Practice makes perfect. Unlike other subjects where you can just read or listen and absorb the information sufficiently, mathematics takes practice. The only way to figure out how the different algebraic rules work and interact with one another is to get into the problems — get your hands dirty, so to speak. Many problems appear to be the same, on the surface, but different aspects and challenges have been inserted to make the different problems unique. The concepts become more set in your mind when you work with the problems and have the properties confirmed with your solutions.

Yes, one-thousand-one algebra problems are a lot of problems. But you may find that this just whets your appetite for more. Enjoy!

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