Chapter 6

Solving Linear Equations


Bullet Simplifying equations before applying rules

Bullet Isolating variables on one side of the equation

Bullet Using proportions to solve equations

Bullet Adapting formulas for easier use

Linear equations consist of some terms that have variables and others that are constants. A standard form of a linear equation is math. What distinguishes linear equations from the rest of the pack is the fact that the variables are always raised to the first power.

In this chapter, I take you through many different types of opportunities for dealing with linear equations. Most of the principles you use with these first-degree equations are applicable to the higher-order equations, so you don’t have to start from scratch later on.

Playing by the Rules

When you’re solving equations with just two terms or three terms or even more than three terms, the big question is: “What do I do first?”

Actually, as long as the equation stays balanced, you can perform any operations in any ...

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