Chapter 7

Tackling Second-Degree Quadratic Equations


Bullet Solving quadratic equations by factoring

Bullet Finding solutions using the quadratic formula

Bullet Investigating imaginary answers to quadratics

Aquadratic equation is a quadratic expression (a grouping of terms whose highest variable power is 2) with an equal sign attached. As with linear equations, specific methods or processes, given in detail in this chapter, are employed to successfully solve quadratic equations. The most commonly used technique for solving these equations is factoring, but there’s also a quick and dirty rule for one of the special types of quadratic equations.

Quadratic equations are important to algebra and many other sciences. Some quadratic equations say that what goes up must come down. Other equations describe the paths that planets and comets take. In all, quadratic equations are fascinating — and just dandy to work with.

Recognizing Quadratic Equations

A quadratic equation contains a variable term with an exponent of 2 and no variable term with a higher power.

Algebra rules A quadratic equation has a general ...

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