Chapter 11

Making Algebra Tell a Story


Bullet Setting the scene for solving a story problem

Bullet Getting interested in solving problems involving simple interest

Bullet Measuring distances with distance problems

Bullet Managing mixture problems

Story problems can be one of the least favorite activities for algebra students. Although algebra and its symbols, rules, and processes act as a door to higher mathematics and logical thinking, story problems give you immediate benefits and results in real-world terms.

Algebra allows you to solve problems. Not all problems — it won’t help with that noisy neighbor — but problems involving how to divvy up money equitably or make things fit in a room. In this chapter, you find some practical applications for algebra. You may not be faced with the exact situations I use in this chapter, but you should find some skills that will allow you to solve the story problems or practical applications that are special to your situation.

Making Plans to Solve Story Problems

When solving story problems, the equation you should use or how all the ingredients interact ...

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