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Alpha Teach Yourself Bookkeeping in 24 Hours

Book Description

One day to bookkeeping success.

Since many small businesses leave the all-important job of bookkeeping to someone on the staff with no training, there is a demand for this easy, authoritative how-to on the subject. Readers will find principles and procedures adapted to suit the needs of various types of business operations-from retail to entertainment to financial institutions.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Copyright
  3. Contents
  4. Part I Duties and Responsibilities of Organizing and Managing a Bookkeeping System
    1. Hour 1 Bookkeeping Job Titles, Duties, and Responsibilities
    2. Hour 2 Organization and Bank Accounts
    3. Hour 3 The Balance Sheet Accounts
    4. Hour 4 The Profit & Loss Accounts
    5. Hour 5 Working Within the Bookkeeping System
  5. Part II Procedures for Keeping Accounts Updated and in Balance
    1. Hour 6 Cash Receipts and Sales Tax
    2. Hour 7 Credit Sales and Customer Information
    3. Hour 8 Inventory Control, Vendors, and Credit Terms
    4. Hour 9 Paying the Bills
    5. Hour 10 Updating and Balancing the Checkbook
  6. Part III Earnings and Taxes for Employees, Employers, and the Self-Employed
    1. Hour 11 Employees, Wages, and Taxes
    2. Hour 12 Gross Payroll and Deductions
    3. Hour 13 Payroll Tax Reports and Payments
    4. Hour 14 Wage Earners and the Self-Employed
  7. Part IV Closing the Books, Issuing Financial Reports, and Gathering Tax Data
    1. Hour 15 Closing the Books at the End of the Month
    2. Hour 16 Issuing Financial Statements
    3. Hour 17 Closing the Books at the End of the Year
    4. Hour 18 Individual Tax Returns
    5. Hour 19 Business Taxpayers
    6. Hour 20 Computerized Bookkeeping Programs
  8. Part V Adapting the Basics of Bookkeeping to Different Businesses
    1. Hour 21 Retail, Restaurants, and Entertainment Venues
    2. Hour 22 Personal and Professional Services
    3. Hour 23 Real Estate
    4. Hour 24 Finance and Insurance
  9. Appendixes
    1. Appendix A Twenty-Minute Recap
    2. Appendix B Bookkeeping Terms
    3. Appendix C Answers to “Hour’s Up!” Quizzes
    4. Appendix D Resources
    5. Index