Amazon EC2 Master Class (with Auto Scaling and Load Balancer)

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Become an AWS EC2 expert. Learn auto-scaling, AWS load balancing, EBS volume, network, VPC security group, and EC2 instance types

About This Video

  • Learn EC2 and master all its concepts.
  • Go through handson examples to practice what we learned with the course companion app
  • Learn how to choose the best EC2 instance type for your application and workload
  • Learn how to properly use the newer application load balancers
  • Learn how to properly use the newer policies for auto scaling
  • Get a great understanding of advanced rules in security groups for optimal security
  • So much more!

In Detail

AWS EC2 is the fundamental core component that every AWS professional should know about. Most people just know the basics of EC2. While this seems enough, there are so many things you probably don't know about Amazon EC2! In just a few hours, you will know everything you need to know about EC2 and seamlessly deploy your applications in the best possible way, with the optimal configuration, resiliency, and cost efficiency. In this course, we are going to put all the concepts learned into action using the course companion application. This application mimics what a real-life application would look like and exposes great behavior for learning!


Developers who want to learn about AWS EC2 and how to deploy their applications to it. DevOps who want to learn how to deploy and maintain EC2 fleets, auto scaling groups and load balancers. Solutions architects who want to understand how to design and run an application in EC2, fully leveraging all the components and ensuring the cost remains minimal.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Course Introduction
    1. Course Objectives
    2. Course Structure + Pre-requisites
    3. About your instructor
  2. Chapter 2 : Amazon EC2 Basics
    1. What is EC2?
    2. Launching an EC2 running Linux - Hands On
    3. How to SSH into EC2 using Linux / Mac - Hands On
    4. How to SSH into EC2 using Windows - Hands On
    5. Security Groups Intro
    6. Private vs Public IP Intro
    7. EC2 User Data - Hands On
    8. EC2 Pricing
  3. Chapter 3 : EC2 Machine Images (AMI)
    1. What's an AMI?
    2. Creating your own AMI - Hands On
    3. Course Application Deep Dive
    4. Public AMIs
    5. AMI Storage
    6. AMI Pricing
  4. Chapter 4 : Choosing the right EC2 Instance Type
    1. EC2 Instances Overview
    2. RAM in EC2
    3. CPU in EC2
    4. IO in EC2
    5. Network in EC2
    6. GPU in EC2
    7. General Instances (M)
    8. Burstable Instances (T2)
    9. T2 Unlimited
    10. Section Summary
  5. Chapter 5 : Network and Security in EC2
    1. Security Groups Overview
    2. IP and CIDR
    3. Security Groups Hands On
    4. Referencing another Security Group - Hands On
    5. Elastic IPs
    6. Placement Groups
  6. Chapter 6 : Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
    1. Load Balancing in EC2
    2. Classic Load Balancer (v1 - old generation) - Hands On
    3. Health Checks - Hands On
    4. Application Load Balancer (v2 - new generation) - Hands On
    5. Network Load Balancer (v2 - new generation)
    6. Load Balancer Pricing
  7. Chapter 7 : Auto Scaling Groups (ASG)
    1. What is Auto Scaling?
    2. Auto Scaling Hands-On Part 1
    3. Auto Scaling Hands-On Part 2
    4. Auto Scaling Rules + Alarms
    5. Auto Scaling New Policies
    6. Auto Scaling Pricing
  8. Chapter 8 : EBS (Elastic Block Stores)
    1. EBS Volumes
    2. EBS Volume Types (GP2, IO1, ST1, SC1)
    3. EBS Volume Creation Hands On
    4. EBS Volume Resizing Hands On
    5. EBS Volume Snapshotting Hands On
    6. EBS Pricing
  9. Chapter 9 : EC2 Running Modes (cost saving)
    1. EC2 on Demand
    2. EC2 Reserved Instances
    3. EC2 Spot Instances
    4. EC2 Dedicated Hosts
  10. Chapter 10 : Next Steps
    1. Next Steps

Product information

  • Title: Amazon EC2 Master Class (with Auto Scaling and Load Balancer)
  • Author(s): Stéphane Maarek
  • Release date: May 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789342819