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Amazon Fire Phone For Dummies

Book Description

Fire up your Amazon Fire Phone and get to know the hottest new smartphone around with For Dummies!

The Amazon Fire Phone is here, and the first smartphone designed by Amazon does not disappoint. Loaded with innovative features like Dynamic Perspective, Firefly, and Mayday, your Amazon Fire Phone is a truly unique offering in the Android market, and veteran For Dummies author Dan Gookin is here to offer his truly unique advice on how to blaze through your Fire Phone like a pro. You'll tackle the smartphone basics like making calls, texting, e-mailing, browsing the Internet, and shooting photos and video before taking on more advanced features like maps and navigation, built-in and add-on apps, movies, music, e-books, and syncing it all in the cloud.

  • Walks you through your Amazon Fire Phone and all its features - from understanding its "under the hood" power to customizing your device for your needs

  • Covers using your Amazon Fire Phone for work - and play - with advice on setting up and storing contacts, managing your calendar, getting directions, going online, staying in touch with friends and family, and filling your Fire with the latest games, apps, movies, music, and more

  • Includes details on the Fire's camera and video capabilities, immersive Firefly technology, Amazon content integration, cloud storage, and 24/7 Mayday help service

  • Whether you're upgrading from another device or stepping into the smartphone market for the first time, Amazon Fire Phone For Dummies is your guide to all your Fire has to offer.

    Table of Contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. How to Use This Book
        3. Foolish Assumptions
        4. How This Book Is Organized
          1. Part I: Have a Little Fire
          2. Part II: The Phone Part of Smartphone
          3. Part III: Stay Connected
          4. Part IV: It Does Miraculous Things
          5. Part V: Nitty Gritties
          6. Part VI: The Part of Tens
        5. Icons Used in This Book
        6. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: Have a Little Fire
        1. Chapter 1: The Out-of-the-Box Experience
          1. Hello, Phone!
          2. Charge the Battery
          3. Fire Phone Orientation
            1. Finding things on the phone
            2. Using the earphones
            3. Adding accessories
          4. Your Phone’s Home
        2. Chapter 2: Hello and Goodbye
          1. How to Start a Fire
            1. Turning on your phone for the first time
            2. Turning on the phone
            3. Unlocking the phone
          2. Account Setup
          3. Goodbye, Phone
            1. Locking the phone
            2. Controlling the lock timeout
            3. Turning off the phone
        3. Chapter 3: Fire Control
          1. Basic Operations
            1. Manipulating the touchscreen
            2. Working with gestures
            3. Changing the orientation
            4. Navigating from here to there
            5. Setting the volume
          2. There’s No Place Like Home Screen
            1. Exploring the Home screen
            2. Peeking at the status bar
            3. Reviewing Quick Actions and notifications
          3. The World of Apps
            1. Starting an app
            2. Switching apps
            3. Quitting an app
            4. Recognizing common icons
        4. Chapter 4: Text Creation and Editing
          1. Behold! The Onscreen Keyboard
            1. Exploring the onscreen keyboard
            2. Typing one character at a time
            3. Accessing special characters
            4. Predicting your next word
            5. Dealing with spelling errors
            6. Using trace typing
          2. Voice Typing
          3. Text Editing
            1. Moving the cursor
            2. Selecting text
            3. Cutting, copying, and pasting text
      3. Part II: The Phone Part of Smartphone
        1. Chapter 5: Phone Calls
          1. You Make the Call
            1. Dialing a number
            2. Dialing a contact
            3. Calling a VIP
            4. Multitasking while on a call
          2. It’s For You!
            1. Receiving a call
            2. Dispensing with an incoming call
            3. Rejecting a call with a text message
            4. Dealing with a missed call
          3. Leave Me a Message
            1. Setting up carrier voice mail
            2. Retrieving your messages
        2. Chapter 6: Phone Options Galore
          1. Multiple Call Mania
            1. Receiving a new call when you’re on the phone
            2. Juggling two calls
            3. Making a conference call
          2. Forward Calls Elsewhere
          3. Fun with Ringtones
            1. Selecting the phone’s ringtone
            2. Setting a contact’s ringtone
        3. Chapter 7: The People You Know
          1. The Contacts App
            1. Accessing the phone’s address book
            2. Sorting the address book
            3. Viewing a contact
          2. Make New Friends
            1. Adding contacts from your accounts
            2. Creating a new contact from scratch
            3. Importing contacts from your computer
          3. Address Book Management
            1. Changing contact info
            2. Adding a contact’s picture
            3. Making a VIP
            4. Joining identical contacts
            5. Splitting contacts
            6. Removing a contact
      4. Part III: Stay Connected
        1. Chapter 8: Msg 4 U
          1. The Joy of Texting
            1. Composing a text message
            2. Receiving a text message
            3. Forwarding a text message
          2. Multimedia Messages
            1. Attaching media to a text message
            2. Receiving a multimedia message
          3. Text Message Management
            1. Removing messages
            2. Setting the text message ringtone
            3. Setting individual contact ringtones
        2. Chapter 9: You’ve Got Mail
          1. Email on the Go
            1. Exploring the Email app
            2. Getting a new message
            3. Composing an electronic message
            4. Sending email to a contact
          2. Message Attachments
            1. Receiving an attachment
            2. Sending an attachment
          3. Email Configuration
            1. Managing your messages
            2. Creating a signature
            3. Setting the default account
            4. Configuring the server delete option
        3. Chapter 10: Fire Web Browsing
          1. The Silk Browser
            1. Surfing the web
            2. Visiting a web page
            3. Improving web page visibility
            4. Browsing back and forth
            5. Reviewing your browser history
            6. Creating a bookmark
            7. Using bookmarks
            8. Managing multiple web pages in tabs
            9. Finding text on a web page
            10. Sharing a web page
          2. Download It from the Web
            1. Grabbing an image from a web page
            2. Downloading a file
        4. Chapter 11: Social Networking Friends and Followers
          1. Facebook Phone Time
            1. Setting up your Facebook account
            2. Getting the Facebook app
            3. Running Facebook on your phone
            4. Setting your status
            5. Uploading a picture to Facebook
            6. Configuring the Facebook app
          2. Tweet Suite
            1. Setting up Twitter
            2. Tweeting
          3. Even More Social Networking
        5. Chapter 12: Skype the World
          1. The Skype Setup
            1. Obtaining the Skype app
            2. Signing up for Skype
            3. Using Skype
            4. Adding Skype contacts
            5. Signing out of Skype
          2. Skype in Action
            1. Chatting with another Skype user
            2. Placing a Skype voice call
            3. Making a Skype video call
            4. Placing an international call
      5. Part IV: It Does Miraculous Things
        1. Chapter 13: Explore Your World with Maps
          1. Hello, Maps App
            1. Using the Maps app
            2. Adding layers
          2. Where Are You?
            1. Finding out where you are
            2. Helping others find your location
          3. Find Stuff
            1. Looking for a specific address
            2. Finding a business, restaurant, or point of interest
            3. Searching for favorite or recent places
            4. Locating a contact
          4. From Here to There
            1. Getting directions
            2. Navigating to your destination
        2. Chapter 14: The Camera Chapter
          1. The Phone’s Camera
            1. Snapping a picture
            2. Recording video
            3. Deleting immediately after you shoot
            4. Setting the flash
            5. Shooting yourself
            6. Using special shooting modes
          2. Your Digital Photo Album
            1. Visiting the Photos app
            2. Finding your photos in the cloud
            3. Sharing pictures and videos
          3. Image Management
            1. Cropping an image
            2. Rotating pictures
            3. Deleting photos and videos
        3. Chapter 15: Music to Go
          1. Listen to the Music
            1. Browsing the music library
            2. Playing a tune
            3. Keeping music on the phone
            4. Being the life of the party
          2. More Music for Your Phone
            1. Buying music at the Music Store
            2. “I hear it and I want to buy it!”
            3. Copying music from your computer to the cloud
          3. Organize Your Tunes
            1. Reviewing your playlists
            2. Building playlists
            3. Deleting music
          4. Fire Phone Radio
        4. Chapter 16: Other Things It Does
          1. Time to Wake Up
          2. Become a Math Wiz
          3. Your Daily Schedule
            1. Browsing dates and appointments
            2. Reviewing appointments
            3. Creating an event
          4. Let’s Play a Game
          5. Don’t Tell Kindle
            1. Using the Kindle app
            2. Getting some reading material
            3. Reading on your phone
          6. The Video Player
        5. Chapter 17: Let’s Go Shopping
          1. Shop with Your Phone
            1. Using the Shop Amazon app
            2. Shopping with Firefly
            3. Setting your payment method
          2. Apps from the Appstore
            1. Visiting the Appstore
            2. Obtaining a new app
            3. Installing apps from a computer
      6. Part V: Nitty Gritties
        1. Chapter 18: Fireless Wireless
          1. Wireless Networking
            1. Understanding the mobile data network
            2. Using the Wi-Fi connection
            3. Activating Wi-Fi
            4. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network
            5. Finding no-name Wi-Fi networks
          2. The Wi-Fi Hotspot
          3. Beautiful Bluetooth
            1. Understanding Bluetooth
            2. Activating Bluetooth
            3. Pairing with a Bluetooth device
            4. Printing to a Bluetooth printer
            5. Unpairing a Bluetooth peripheral
        2. Chapter 19: Share and Store
          1. The Cloud Connection
            1. Understanding cloud storage
            2. Setting up the Amazon cloud
            3. Using cloud storage
          2. Between Phone and Computer
            1. Connecting the phone to a computer
            2. Configuring the USB connection
            3. Connecting to a PC
            4. Connecting to a Mac
            5. Transferring files between the phone and a computer
            6. Disconnecting the phone from the computer
          3. Phone Storage
            1. Reviewing storage stats
            2. Clearing storage space
        3. Chapter 20: Taking the Fire with You
          1. Where the Phone Roams
          2. Airplane Mode
          3. You Can Take It with You
          4. International Calling
            1. Dialing an international number
            2. Sending an international text
            3. Taking your phone abroad
        4. Chapter 21: Customize and Configure
          1. Carousel Pruning
            1. Sticking an app on the Carousel
            2. Removing an app from the Carousel
          2. Lock Screen Modifications
            1. Changing the lock screen scene
            2. Adding or removing lock screen notifications
            3. Setting a secure screen lock
          3. Various Phone Adjustments
            1. Changing display settings
            2. Controlling the sound
            3. Modifying keyboard settings
        5. Chapter 22: App Central
          1. Manage Your Apps
            1. Reviewing your apps
            2. Updating an app
            3. Uninstalling apps
            4. Shutting down an app run amok
            5. Reporting app problems to the developer
          2. Organizing Your Apps
            1. Rearranging apps on the App Grid
            2. Placing an app on the Home row
            3. Pinning media
            4. Building an app collection
        6. Chapter 23: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Help
          1. Battery Care and Feeding
            1. Monitoring the battery
            2. Determining what is drawing power
            3. Saving battery life
          2. Regular Phone Maintenance
            1. Keeping it clean
            2. Backing up your phone
            3. Updating the system
          3. Help and Troubleshooting
            1. Finding help
            2. Getting cellular support
            3. Fixing random and annoying problems
          4. Fire Phone Q&A
            1. “The touchscreen doesn’t work!”
            2. “The screen is too dark!”
            3. “Dynamic Perspective isn’t working!”
            4. “The battery doesn’t charge!”
            5. “The phone gets so hot that it turns itself off!”
            6. “The phone won’t do Landscape mode!”
      7. Part VI: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 24: Ten Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
          1. Shine Some Light on the Subject
          2. Parental Controls
          3. Take Some Notes
          4. Whip Out Your Wallet
          5. Voice Commands
          6. Choose Default Apps
          7. Avoid Data Overages
          8. Manage the Dictionary
          9. Use Firefly to Dial a Number
          10. Find Your Lost Phone
        2. Chapter 25: Ten Things to Remember
          1. The Back Gesture
          2. Quickly Switch Apps
          3. Hands-Free Mode
          4. Lock the Phone on a Call
          5. Use Landscape Orientation
          6. Get the Most from the Onscreen Keyboard
          7. Things That Consume Lots of Battery Juice
          8. Check for Roaming
          9. Snap a Pic of That Contact
          10. The Search Command
      8. About the Author
      9. Cheat Sheet
      10. More Dummies Products