Chapter 3

Setting Up Fire TV


check Starting with the input source

check Getting a Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick 4K up and running

check Adding a Fire TV Cube to your home entertainment system

check Getting Fire TV Edition on the job

If you’re a certain age, you may remember when devices were advertised as being “plug-and-play,” which meant, at least in theory, that all you had to do was connect the device and it would configure itself automatically, meaning you could then “play” with the device (whatever that meant) after a minute or two. (Note I said “in theory”; in practice, such devices were better described as “plug-and-pray.”)

I’m sorry to report that your Fire TV device does not fall under the “plug-and-play” rubric. Instead, after you plug in your Fire TV device, there’s a nontrivial configuration process that you must run through before you can play with it. That process includes crucial steps such as connecting to your Wi-Fi network and signing in to your Amazon account. Lucky for you, the entire process takes only a few minutes, and this chapter takes you through every step. ...

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