Chapter 5

Stretching Out with Elastic Compute Cloud

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing EC2, the AWS cloud computing component

arrow Understanding images and instances

arrow Exploring EC2’s infinite varieties

arrow Addressing key issues with EC2 instances

arrow Deciding which computing type is right for your application

This chapter discusses EC2 — the Elastic Compute Cloud, which is the most widely used AWS service. Even the term “cloud computing” emphasizes computing — and its computing that EC2 delivers, at scale, in wide varieties of types, and at ridiculously low prices. By the time this chapter ends, you’ll have a knowledge foundation about EC2 and why it represents a true revolution in information technology.

Introducing EC2

EC2 is the most revolutionary of the AWS services because it has transformed a fundamental part of IT: the use of provisioning servers. EC2 provides virtual servers in a matter of minutes, all via self-service. It’s difficult to overstate the shift that this strategy represents compared ...

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