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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals

Video Description

This video will provide an overview to Amazon Web Services (AWS). There are ten clips in the video:

  • Overview. This first clip in the video explains the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services platform, which focuses on compute power, database storage, and content delivery (both static and dynamic content).
  • History. This second clip in the video covers the history of AWS from its beginnings in 2006 as a side business of Amazon to becoming the most important cloud organization in the world.
  • Cloud Computing. This third clip in the video focuses on AWS’s Cloud Computing environment and its many benefits including cost and flexibility. The three types of cloud computing, IaaS, PasS and SaaS, are discussed.
  • AWS Backbone. This fourth clip in the video covers the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).
  • AWS Services. This fifth clip in the video covers a majority of AWS services including Computation, Storage Space, Database, Migration, Networking and Content Delivery, Tools for Developers, Management Tools, Security, Identity and Compliance, Analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Mobile Services, Application Services, Messaging, Business Productivity, Desktop and App Streaming, Internet of Things, Contact Center, and Game Development.
  • Security. This sixth clip in the video covers AWS security including encryption and the network firewall.
  • Your Own Server vs. AWS. This seventh clip in the video covers the options available in running your own server versus the AWS.
  • Customers, Partners, and Competitors. This eighth clip in the video covers how widespread AWS is. There are over 1 million users including many household names relying on AWS for its infrastructure needs.
  • How to Get Started. This ninth clip in the video covers how to get started and explains many useful resources including the Amazon Resource Center.
  • AWS Future. This tenth clip in the video covers where AWS will go in the next few years.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview 00:09:51
  2. History 00:04:56
  3. Cloud Computing 00:12:00
  4. AWS Backbone 00:03:22
  5. AWS Services 00:13:59
  6. Security 00:06:22
  7. Your Own Server vs. AWS 00:09:02
  8. Customers, Partners, and Competitors 00:03:59
  9. How to Get Started 00:05:31
  10. AWS Future 00:06:00