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Amplifiers: The Power of Motivational Leadership to Inspire and Influence

Book Description

Discover the secrets of motivational, inspirational, and transformational leadership

Great leaders do much more than just make decisions; they inspire those around them to excellence and form the vital link between strategy and execution. Amplifiers explains how great leaders use the art and practice of motivational leadership to light the path to success and inspire others to take that journey with them. Written by Matt Church, one of the top motivational speakers in Australia, this practical, powerful guide explores how great leaders move people to action and excellence—and how you can do the same. Church gives you the essential skills and strategies of motivational leadership, from effective communication frameworks and roles to proven guidance on choosing high-impact words when speaking to others.

  • Includes lessons from such motivational speakers as Julius Caesar, Winston Churchill, Bobby Kennedy, and Barack Obama, among others

  • Features case studies from successful companies that have discovered and profited from the power of motivational leadership

  • Arms readers with tactical tips and actions for inspirational leadership

  • Written by one of the most successful and well-known motivational speakers in Australia

Great leaders aren't born; they're made. For anyone who leads people, motivational leadership is the key to turning strategy into success. Read Amplifiers and boost your leadership skills to a higher level.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Foreword
    1. About the author
    2. Acknowledgements
    3. Manifesto: it’s not just talk
  5. Part I: The why
    1. 1 Do we need leaders?
      1. The leadership ladder
      2. Key assumptions
      3. Sceptics versus cynics
      4. Making amplification work
      5. Positive versus optimistic
      6. The shift towards authenticity
      7. Speak your truth - stand for something!
    2. 2 Grey matter
      1. Brain structure and behaviour
  6. Part II: The how
    1. 3 Motivation versus manipulation
      1. The master manipulator
      2. The intent to influence: seven guiding principles
    2. 4 The essence of amplification
      1. The three domains
      2. Exploring the platforms
      3. Triangles and circles
    3. 5 Talking heads
      1. The three golden rules
      2. Four critical actions
      3. The 12 techniques in focus
  7. Part III: The what
    1. 6 Speakership: the missing link
      1. The battle for hearts and minds
      2. The four departments of motivational speaking
      3. The eight roles of speakership
      4. Attention up
      5. Presenter evolution
    2. 7 Tongue fu! Noise versus signal
      1. Six modes of communication
      2. Applying the six modes of communication
      3. Six capabilities for the modes of communication
    3. 8 Memes: the essence of an idea
      1. Full spectrum ideas
      2. Unlocking your expertise: intellectual property snapshots
    4. 9 Tuning in to leadership
      1. The nine notes you can play
      2. Putting it all together
    5. 10 The 15 questions
      1. Making your message a priority
      2. Positioning who you are and what you do
      3. Knocking down barriers and subconscious objections
      4. Switch the smart cookies on to your talk
      5. Action and driving change
      6. The importance of sequence
  8. Part IV: The who
    1. 11 Amplifiers in action
      1. Cicero's regret
      2. Henry V
      3. Brother Bobby
      4. Crazy Ones
      5. Too often we are scared
      6. Obama's hope
      7. Eat, Pray, Love
      8. Word up!
      9. Ignite the pejorative
      10. Words are magical
      11. Blood sweat and tears
  9. Final words