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Amway Forever: The Amazing Story of a Global Business Phenomenon

Book Description

A fascinating look at five decades of Amway's innovation

Amway started in 1959 as a way for people to earn extra money selling soap and cosmetics. Today, it has recaptured the public's attention largely because of an extensive print and broadcast campaign featuring the Quixtar name-with ads saying "you know us as Amway."

Amway Forever chronicles the amazing inside story of this global business phenomenon. Page by page, it explores the history of Amway and its remarkable resurgence around the world. From how the company began and its growing pains in the 70's and 80's to its recent online revival, this book explores how Amway has survived and thrived over the past fifty years.

  • Delves into how innovation has led to Amway's growth into an international powerhouse

  • Reveals Amway's pioneering marketing tactics and sales strategies

  • Offers an historic perspective, as well as a contemporary look, at how the company has evolved

Engaging and informative, Amway Forever is a must-read for anyone interested in this company's unique business model and buzzworthy emergence into a global success.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction: Selling a Dream
  8. Chapter 1: Capitalism and Controversy
    1. Selling Directly to Buyers
    2. Exporting a Sales Model
    3. A Fuller Picture
    4. Multiple Transformations
    5. Influences on Public Perception
  9. Chapter 2: An Adventurous Partnership
    1. Jay Van Andel
    2. Richard Marvin DeVos
    3. The Pact: Someday, A Business Together
  10. Chapter 3: Taking Flight and Sailing Away
    1. First Attempts
    2. Learning from Failure
    3. Changing Direction
    4. Selling Nutrilite
  11. Chapter 4: Sell Something Everybody Needs
    1. Learning the Ropes
    2. Love and Marriage
    3. The Debate Begins over Structure
    4. Another Change in Direction
    5. The Grand Slam Hit
  12. Chapter 5: Unveiling “The Plan”
    1. Humble Beginnings
    2. The Plan
    3. Opportunity Meeting
    4. On the Road
    5. Soap and Hope
  13. Chapter 6: Toppling the Pyramid
    1. The Method Catches On
    2. Expansion
    3. Pyramid Structures under Scrutiny
    4. The FTC’s Definition of a Pyramid Scheme
    5. The Decision
    6. Moving Forward
  14. Chapter 7: Retooling the Machine
    1. Turning Point in Wisconsin
    2. Avoiding Division and Friction in Canada
    3. Reversing the Damage
    4. New Rules of Conduct
    5. Retooling More than the Business
  15. Chapter 8: Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, and Pearls
    1. The Life of a Top Distributor
    2. The Other Side
    3. The Price of Success
  16. Chapter 9: Clash of the Soap Titans
    1. In Direct Competition
    2. If at First P&G Does Not Succeed . . .
    3. Enough Is Enough
  17. Chapter 10: Friends in High Places
    1. Getting Involved
    2. Giving to the GOP
    3. Rich Passes the Baton
    4. Jay Passes the Baton
    5. Amway’s Influence
  18. Chapter 11: West Meets East
    1. Yen and Yang
    2. Countering Critics in Korea
    3. Good Morning, Vietnam
    4. Moving into Malaysia
    5. Entrepreneurs in India
    6. Yearning for Earnings in Eastern Europe
    7. To Russia with Love . . . and Money
  19. Chapter 12: The Biggest Market Ever
    1. Enter Eva Cheng
    2. Paving the Way for Direct Sellers
    3. Growth of an Industry
  20. Chapter 13: New Heart, New Identity
    1. Learning by Inspiration
    2. Renewing the Business
    3. Renewing the Brand
  21. Chapter 14: Amway Redux
    1. United Kingdom’s BERR Case
    2. A Shot of Innovation
    3. Foray into State Politics
    4. A Second Rebranding
    5. Winning the Hearts and Minds of Customers and IBOs
    6. More Litigation
  22. Chapter 15: The Way Ahead
    1. Building into the Future
    2. Regulations on the Horizon?
  23. Notes
  24. Selected Bibliography
  25. About the Author
  26. Index