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An Image Uploader App with Google Apps Script

Video Description

Google Apps Scripts lets you unite the power of Google's products to easily build amazing web applications

About This Video

  • Build an app that can upload images to Google Drive
  • Explore the power of Google Apps Script and how it works

In Detail

Google Apps Script provides an amazingly easy way to unite the power of the Google Suite of products using the cloud-based JavaScript language. Within the course, we walk you through creating an image uploader from scratch that can allow users to upload images to your Google Drive, track uploaded images with paths in Google Sheets, notify you of the upload, and more.

This Course is an introduction to using Apps Script; it's perfect for those who have never used Apps Script before and want to get started with it. JavaScript knowledge is essential as the scripting language is based on JavaScript; an understanding of JavaScript will facilitate getting started with this Course.

Build your app on the cloud within the Google cloud IDE, no need to download anything all available in the cloud, making it easy to share and collaborate on projects. Yes, they have version control, which makes the development environment easy to access and ideal for building Google web apps.

Using this course, you have a wide variety of options where you can take the code provided within this course and expand on it in any number of directions.