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An Introduction into Machine Learning C++ Libraries

Video Description

Solve Machine Learning problems with C++

About This Video

  • Develop an awareness and familiarity of existing machine learning libraries.
  • Be able to choose an appropriate library depending on the task requirements.
  • Solve complex Machine Learning problems with popular C++ Libraries

In Detail

eing able to perform machine learning in C++ will make you a very desirable hiring target. Not that you wouldn’t be if you used any other language but, the truth is that machine learning in C++ is a great combination that is likely to give you access to very interesting positions!

In this course, we focus on the practical part of machine learning—employing different C++ libraries. Several popular machine learning libraries currently exist—we’ll review them and you’ll become familiar with four of them. We use examples of standard machine learning algorithms implemented through the libraries. The course ends with hints that will help you to choose a library depending on the requirements of the situation.

Taking this course will not only help you build a familiarity with existing machine learning libraries, but also solve complex machine learning problems.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on Github at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Introduction-to-Machine-Learning-C-Libraries