Reviewing CLS Gear

Which Cameras and Flashes Are Part of the CLS System

Nikon CLS has two components: the camera and a flash. Not all Nikon cameras and flashes are compatible with the system, especially those made before 2004. In addition, some consumer-level cameras and flashes don’t have all the functionality of the higher-end gear. For example, the low-end SB-400 flash cannot be set up as a Master or as a remote, but it works great on the camera. The D5200 takes great photos and has a built-in pop-up flash, but that flash can’t be set to Master mode as the built-in flash on the D600 can. But add an SB-910 to the D5200, and you can use the flash as a Master on the camera and easily trigger remote flashes.


Any D2 series Nikon DSLR (or ...

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