Wiley Series in Modeling and Simulation

The Wiley Series in Modeling and Simulation provides an interdisciplinary and global approach to the numerous real‐world applications of modeling and simulation (M&S) that are vital to business professionals, researchers, policymakers, program managers, and academics alike. Written by recognized international experts in the field, the books present the best practices in the applications of M&S as well as bridge the gap between innovative and scientifically sound approaches to solving real‐world problems and the underlying technical language of M&S research. The series successfully expands the way readers view and approach problem solving in addition to the design, implementation, and evaluation of interventions to change behavior. Featuring broad coverage of theory, concepts, and approaches along with clear, intuitive, and insightful illustrations of the applications, the Series contains books within five main topical areas: Public and Population Health; Training and Education; Operations Research, Logistics, Supply Chains, and Transportation; Homeland Security, Emergency Management, and Risk Analysis; and Interoperability, Composability, and Formalism.

Founding Series Editors:Joshua G. Behr, Old Dominion UniversityRafael Diaz, MIT Global ScaleAdvisory Editors:Homeland Security, Emergency Management, and Risk Analysis Interoperability, Composability, and FormalismSaikou Y. Diallo, Old Dominion UniversityMikel Petty, University of Alabama ...

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