This book is the convergence of three imaginations: a Prophetic/ Sacred Imagination, a Community Imagination, and a Workplace/System Imagination. Imagination is fundamentally a shift in lens and language—whose voices we listen to, where we look to construct an alternative future. Each of us has, over too many years, cultivated different fields which came together in the conversations producing this book.

Here is a short and very cryptic list that hints at the paths that brought us together:

  • Walter: Prophetic Imagination, Exodus, Lamentation, Contestation, Gratitude, Interruption, Un-credentialed King, Wilderness, Covenant, Crying Out, God, Covenant, Empire 
  • John: Community, Neighborliness, Association, Gifts, Hospitality, Friendship, Care, Service, Triangles and Circles, System
  • Peter: Partnership, Consultation, Stewardship, Empowerment, Authenticity, Social Contract, Convening, Large and Small Group Structures, Conversations of Possibility and Ownership   


Peter Block was born in Chicago and spent most of his early years in the Midwest. After college, he went to New Jersey and was involved in the early days of creating the field of organization development. This entailed some years at Exxon Research and Engineering Company and then the formation of a consulting firm with Tony Petrella. Marvin Weisbord joined in 1971, and the firm played a part in many of the large change efforts of that era.

In 1980, Peter started Designed Learning, a training ...

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