Chapter 351

14-bit, 800ksps ADC upgrades 12-bit systems with 81.5dB SINAD, 95dB SFDR

Dave Thomas and Kevin R. Hoskins


The LTC1419, a 14-bit, 800ksps analog-to-digital converter that upgrades 12-bit systems with 81.5dB SINAD, 95dB SFDR, is described.


Analog-to-digital converter


Higher dynamic range ADCs

The new 14-bit, 800ksps LTC1419 enhances new communications, spectral analysis, instrumentation and data acquisition applications by providing an upgrade path to users of 12-bit converters. It provides outstanding 81.5dB SINAD (signal-to-noise and distortion ratio) and 95dB SFDR (spurious-free dynamic range) for frequency-domain applications, and excellent DNL with no missing codes performance for time-domain ...

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